Q:         (Hall Rental) How can I rent your fire hall for my event?

A:         The Harleysville Community Fire Company does not have a hall for rental purposes. We suggest you contact a couple of our neighboring fire companies that do. 


Q:         (Pool Filling) Will you fill our pool for a donation?

A:         The Harleysville Community Fire Company does not fill pools at the request of the local water authority. 


Q:         (Burning Leaves/Trash) Can I burn my yard waste or trash?

A:         Lower Salford Township does not permit open burning. Please contact the township (Lower Salford: 215-256-8087 or Franconia:  215-723-1137) for further information. 


Q:         (Fire Police) How can I schedule to have fire police at my event?

A:         All requests for fire police must be made IN WRITING AT LEAST 30 days in advance. Our address and email address are located at the bottom of our website’s homepage. Each request must then be approved by both the Township and the Fire Company for insurance purposes. REMINDER: Fire Police are volunteers and may not be available for your event even if it is approved. 


Q:         (Special Events) How can I schedule the fire company to visit my school/club, etc. or for my school/club, etc. to tour the firehouse?

A:         All special event requests should be directed to our officer in charge of special events.  You may call 215-256-9657 ext 4, or email at HarleysvilleFire89@gmail.com.


Q:         (Fire Extinguishers) How can I get my fire extinguishers filled/serviced/tested/disposed of? 

A:         We do not service fire extinguishers. Contact a local fire extinguisher service company for advice. 


Q:         (Disposal of Hazardous Household Waste) How do I dispose of old paint/ old fuel/ old oil/ batteries/ light bulbs/ etc.?

A:         Please contact your current household waste removal company or keep your eyes open for occasional community household hazardous material drop off/collection events. 


Q:         (Reports) How do I get a copy of a report for a specific fire call?

A:         All requests for reports should be directed to our chief. You can call and leave a detailed request at 215-256-9657 ext 3, or email at HarleysvilleFire89@gmail.com


Q:         (Insurance Information) How do I find information requested by my insurance company?

A:         Most information needed by the insurance company is readily available to them or available on our website. Any further questions can be answered by calling 215-256-9657 or emailing us at HarleysvilleFire89@gmail.com


Q:         (Fire Marshal) How can I speak to the local fire marshal?

A:         To speak to the fire marshal you must call your local township office at (Lower Salford: 215-256-8087 or Franconia:  215-723-1137).


Q:         (Patches) How can I get one of your patches?

A:         Patches are an expense and depending on our stock or the nature of the request not all requests can be fulfilled. Send your request via email to HarleysvilleFire89@gmail.com and you request will be considered on an individual basis.